National Symbols (Jateeya Chihnamulu)


National Flag:


Our National Flag is a tri colored flag. Top Color is Saffron, Symbolizes duty, sacrifice and piousness. In the middle is white color that stands for peace, truth and non-violence. In the middle of white color is the Wheel of Ashoka, the great. The bottom color of the flag is green, symbolic of trust and courage.



National Seal:



The great seal of India is comprised of 4 lion heads. Three heads are visible in the foreground and fourth one is invisible since it is in the background of the 3 dimensional structure. The wheel of Ashoka with 24 spokes is in the center of the Seal. On the right side of the wheel is a bull and on the left is a horse. Written at the base of the Seal is the Indian Motto, "SATYAMEVA JAYATE", which means truth always wins.



National Bird:


  In 1964, Peacock was announced as the National Bird of India.  

National Animal:


  In 1972, Tiger was announced as the National animal of India.  

National Flower:


  The National Flower of India is the LOTUS  

National  Awards:



In 1954, India introduced "Bharata Ratna", "Padma Vibhushan", "Padma Bhushan", "Padmasri" as National awards.



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